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Online Experience

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Online Experience & Distance Learning

Unicaf uses cutting-edge technology and resources to facilitate the delivery of high-quality, internationally recognised degrees. Unicaf’s cloud-based digital platform consists of a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of technology that provides the digital infrastructure to support online learning. By studying online, students can achieve their academic goals anytime, anywhere, regardless of their family and/or professional commitments.

Online students can pursue their studies uninterrupted from crisis, lockdowns, strikes or a force majeure that may force universities to suspend on-campus teaching. From enrolment to graduation, everything runs smoothly with Unicaf’s online platform.

Additionally, students save time and money by not travelling or commuting to campus to attend classes. They can stay in the comfort of their home and continue to ‘earn as they learn’, without putting their career on hold.

Studying through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), housed in the state-of-the-art Unicaf digital platform, online students have 24/7 access to study materials and to an extensive e-library with thousands of volumes to research and study at their convenience.

At the same time, they gain an international perspective by learning from industry experts, qualified instructors and interacting with fellow students in different countries and industries. This multi-cultural exchange leads to the establishment of international professional networks that prepares students for the demanding global workplace.

What are the main advantages of e-learning?


Flexibility: You can study whenever it suits your work and family schedule, from wherever you may find yourself. Evenings and weekends from home, during your lunch break, on the train to work, after preparing dinner for the family, or during a flight for a business trip. All you need is a digital device connected to the Internet. You can use any device, from a PC or laptop to a tablet or even a mobile phone.

Accessibility: The academic study material is available 24/7 on the online learning platform. You can message your instructors and fellow students worldwide, at any time. You can complete and submit assignments, take exams, and receive your grades through the easy to navigate VLE.

Affordability: Online tuition fees are lower than on-campus fees and with a Unicaf Scholarship, high-quality degrees are even more affordable. Through Unicaf you can earn the same degree from a particular partner university as an on-campus student but at a fraction of the cost. And with the tailor-made, easy payment plans, you can pay for your studies without difficulty and accruing student debt.

Credibility: By pursuing an online internationally recognised degree or a professional course you can enhance your CV and advance your career without leaving your country or your job. Employers also consider as an advantage the international perspective online learning offers through the exchange of ideas and practices amongst learners from different countries and cultures. It also demonstrates that you have excellent digital skills, which are increasingly important in today’s world.