The use of technology is core to Unicaf’s operations. Innovative learning technologies provide a holistic environment, designed to provide support and flexibility, whilst maintaining quality and standards.

The cutting-edge learning technologies used by Unicaf bring education to a new level, engaging students in new ways of learning that are both productive and effective.

Our online Virtual Learning Environment enables our on-campus and online students to access learning material at any time of the day or night. Unicaf students may review their class work, listen to audio files, watch videos and make use of the material their tutors use in class. This opportunity to consolidate their learning in an engaging online environment helps ensure success in coursework and examinations.

Independent study skills are always important for success at university, and using the online Learning Management System is a key part of our students’ work. The Unicaf Virtual Learning Environment is a state-of- the-art, cloud-based learning platform, which provides a compelling, user-centred and adaptable learning environment.


Unicaf has invested heavily in the development of a suite of interrelated applications, which are connected with the Virtual Learning Environment, to provide the latest technology of online and on-campus learning.