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Africa is going digital, and this is happening rapidly unlike ever before. Access to digital communication technologies is now an intricate part of the lives of many people in Africa, most especially the middle class. Nigeria for instance, Africa’s most populous country, and most populous black nation in the World, already enjoys 47.1% internet penetration. Smartphone usage, including mobile internet data access, are increasing in demand. A roughly 25m – 40m people in Nigeria use a smartphone. This according to Statista, and the figure is expected to increase significantly by 2025.

Even though the majority of young people in Uganda are not yet familiar with online higher education, this type of learning may be just what they need. UNICAF, a global educational organisation, offers students in various parts of the world the opportunity to study online for internationally recognised degree programmes, at their own pace, and with minimum disruption to their professional and family life. People seeking higher education no longer need to relocate to another city, another country or another continent; nor do they have to carry the considerable financial burden, usually imposed on students by institutions of higher education…

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