Unicaf Referral Programme

Are you a student, applicant or simply someone who thinks Unicaf can be a life-changing opportunity for someone you know?

Share the benefits of the Unicaf Scholarship Programme with someone you know, and not only will you give them the opportunity to build the future they are dreaming of, but you will also receive a nice reward.

Do you have friends, family members or colleagues, who would benefit from studying online through Unicaf? If you do, follow the few simple steps mentioned below.

Sign up to the Unicaf Referal Programme with your email address. You can join the programme whether you are a Unicaf student or not.

Once you have completed setting up your account, send the referral link that will be provided in your account to your family, friends or colleagues if you believe that they would benefit from studying through Unicaf.

If the person you refer to Unicaf is applying for a study programme through Unicaf, the application is successful and they pay 10% of the tuition fees, you will receive 5% of their tuition fees as referral reward.

For example, if you refer your friend George, and George pays 10% of the agreed tuition which is £10,000, you will receive £500!

Once the person you referred paid a minimum of 10% of their tuition fees, you will see this information in your referral account. At that point, you can redeem your award and receive the money either through a bank transfer, Paypal or have it added to your own tuition payments.

Are you ready to spread the benefits of Unicaf and receive your reward?

Sign Up Here!