This Article Details Occurrences Of Intergenerational Sexual Relations In Solwezi District, North-Western Province Of Zambia. Today, There Is An Increase In The Number Of Intergenerational Sexual Relations In The District Because Of The Influx Of Migrants From Other Parts Of Zambia And World Over, Who Want To Take Part In Mining In The Area, As Well As Engage Into Business. Using A Retrospective Research Approach, The Study Targeted All Males And Females Engaged In The Vice, Sampled By Snowballing. Findings Of The Study Were Analysed Descriptively And Thematically. Findings Reveal The Following:

1. That Poverty Is The Major Drive Towards Intergenerational Sexual Relations.

2. That Though Poverty May Drive Individuals To Engage In The Vice’s Other Reasons Such As Peer Pressure, Pleasure, Desire For Luxuries, Having An Edge Over Others, Culture Etc. May Be The Cause For Intergenerational Sex

3. Despite Well-Known Consequences Of Engaging In The Vice Socially Sanctioned Attitudes And Behaviours Are Linked To Cross-Generational Sex.

4. People’s Aspirations And Expectations May Be Influenced By The Size Of The Economy Such That As The Economy Keeps Growing New Needs And Desires Consistent With The Economy May Be The Drives Of Behavior.

This Study Recommends That The People Be Equipped With Necessary Tools That Will Enable Them To Find Alternatives To Replace The Need To Engage In Sexual Relations With Older Men And Women As A Means Of Survival. Another Important Recommendation Is That Mandatory Sensitization Should Be Undertaken By Investing Companies To Avert The Social Backlash That Arise In Such Situations.

Mpolomoka, D.L., Mushibwe, C., Dube, D., Musonda, M., Sumbwa, P., Mabenga, M.M. and Kanduza,, K. (2019). Community Reflections on Intergenerational Sexual Relations in Solwezi District. Texila International Journal of Academic Research. Special Edition, 110-123 21, DOI: 10.21522/TIJAR.2014.SE.19.01.Art012

Item Type:
Social Sciences
Intergeneration, Sexual Relations, Migrants.
Depositing User:
Daniel L. Mpolomoka, Christine Mushibwe, Mbono Dube, Mwewa Musonda, Phyllis Sumbwa, Michael M. Mabenga, Esther Kanduza
Date Deposited:
January 2019