Unicaf University in Malawi Awards Full Scholarships to Top 6 Teachers

Unicaf University in Malawi Awards Full Scholarships to Top 6 Teachers

Unicaf University in Malawi was invited to participate, for the second time, at the World Teachers Day event, organised by the Ministry of Education. The event took place recently at the Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe with Unicaf University offering 6 deserving teachers a full (100%) Unicaf University Postgraduate Scholarship

The occasion was presided over by the Honorable Agnes Nyalonje, Minister of Education. Over 400 teachers from across the country attended. In her opening speech, the Minister of Education praised the efforts of teachers who often tutor under difficult circumstances. She mentioned the teachers and students’ day-to-day experiences paying particular attention to the challenges faced by both; limited resources, a lack of facilities, insufficient teaching materials, inadequate classroom space – and yet, she pointed out, some schools were achieving amazing results. 

The Minister laid out the plans for the Malawi 2063 vision which highlights the importance of education in developing nations. “How we manage education is critical to the socio-economic development of our country.” In other words, to transform Malawi into an “upper middle income country,” will require a huge emphasis on children’s education on a national level. As the Minister pointed out: “The thrust of any economy is in its people as they are the ones that design programmes, implement strategies, and create innovations.” 

Before ending her speech the Minister thanked the partners, including Unicaf University, for their technical, material and financial support. The Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University, Dr Robert Ridley later took to the podium and addressed the participants. Dr Ridley reminded the audience of the many dedicated teaching professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty. He spoke of the importance of supporting and recognising the essential roles that teachers play particularly in shaping children’s futures. 

Dr Ridley then introduced one of the event’s many highlights, announcing the Unicaf University World Teachers Day Scholarship Award.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Unicaf University provided each of the six divisional winning secondary school teachers with a full scholarship to study for a postgraduate degree, either a Master’s or PhD, at Unicaf University. As Dr Ridley so poignantly stated, “Through these awards we hope to assist the winning teachers to further their own education and their ability to develop and improve their schools and the education system in Malawi.”

The proud recipients of the Unicaf University Postgraduate Scholarships are: 

  • Mr Lawrence Kukacha, Addolorata CDSS, Thyolo
  • Ms Jane Chiyembekeza, St.Mary’s Secondary School, Zomba
  • Ms Selina Chimbindu, Ludzi Girls Secondary School, Mchinji
  • Ms Elizabeth Mataka, Chikwawa Secondary School, Chikwawa
  • Mr Austin Moyo, Loyola Jesuit Secondary School, Kasungu
  • Mr Hendrick Ngwira, St.Mary’s Secondary School, Karonga