Meet Your Student Advisers: Marina Ttikkirou

Meet Your Student Advisers: Marina Ttikkirou

This is our series that introduces you to the people that make UNICAF scholarships a real possibility for you and all the other existing and potential UNICAF students all over the globe.

In our 3 years of operation UNICAF has in fact awarded well over $30,000,000 worth of scholarships to students not fortunate enough to pursue high quality education at full price.

The second featured adviser is the amazing Marina Ttikkirou.

Marina is a family woman (believe it or not) with 2 growing young boys of her own, in fact her oldest is applying to university as we’re writing this blog. Marina has been at UNICAF since the beginning and has always believed in and been passionate about the chance to offer the less fortunate people of the world with the world class education that they truly deserve.

As such she has been working hard to ensure that, you, the UNICAF students of the world, are getting the service you deserve.

Her aim in life, much like Helen before her is to make sure that quality, higher education is available to everybody across the globe.