Meet your admission officer

Meet your admission officer

Costas Kallides

Admissions officer

Costas is one of Unicaf’s most trusted employees working in the admissions department. His academic qualifications include studies in English Language Teaching (BA) and E-Learning (PGC).

He is an excellent and pleasant character and very professional in everything he does.

We asked Costas about his career at UNICAF and he said the following:

“As an admissions officer, I need to be one of the people who decide whether an applicant holds the right qualifications suitable for admission onto the programmes that we offer here at unicaf.

As an English teacher, my objective has always been to implement technology in my lessons by introducing online resources that facilitate the acquisition of the English language as well as devising e-material suitable to the individual language skills of my students.

As an English teacher who is currently involved in Admissions, I was given the opportunity to coordinate the implementation of the English Placement Test that is currently undertaken by applicants who seek admission without any formal proof of English Proficiency qualifications.”

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