Meet your academic advisor

Meet your academic advisor

Eftychia Sofiali Philosophy

How many people can truly say that they love their job?

Eftychia one of Unicaf’s many academic advisers introduces herself in this blog.

‘As a Ph.D. holder in Philosophy I work as a tutor for the Unicaf organization. My research interests include the field of education, philosophy and specifically aesthetics and phenomenology. I am a friendly person by nature and always aspire to support the utmost professionalism in my job.

My primary goal is guiding and supporting students of online courses. My main goal and objective is that students have the help they need to best understand course content and support them as they strive to complete their assignments. Through my position here at UNICAF, I’ve learned how to adjust my teaching methods and tools to the online educational environment in order to make sure students have the best assistance they could possibly need. Both instructors and students are often called to overcome the many challenges of distance learning, such as working in different time zones. The weaknesses of the online learning environment is overridden through continuous communication, guidance, and assistance by effectively utilising our learning platforms, discussion forums, and social media. The work I receive from students, as well as their feedback, is proof of their continuous engagement, effort and willingness to learn. In combination, all these aspects act as a powerful driving force that inspires me.

I’m not just a lecturer, I work for an organisation that cares about its students, an organisation that puts students first, whilst bettering the world the lives of those less fortunate through education…this is the greatest reward that anyone could ever have.’

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