Samuel Okoro, Sierra Leone, West Africa

University of Nicosia

Master in Business Administration

I found the opportunity to pursue a course with your University that is very much related to the job I currently do with an International Non-Governmental Organisation. Such an opportunity does not exist in my country.

The course structure and the stated learning outcomes for each module have what it takes to train a professional manager. The courses are structured in a way that students are not encouraged to just read and understand basic subject principles and theories but how such principles and theories can be applied in real work life situations. They are meant to develop and strengthen the thinking capability of the learner or student and make them more productive in life. Any institution that approaches learning this way is sure to develop many professionals in many fields in the world. This is simply why I think your University will make me the professional that I want to be in life.

The time and care the tutors and staff of the Student Support desk show for the students is also something worth mentioning. Each time I am stuck with something, I have found help somewhere always within the existing University operational structure. This is good and helps the student to make steady progress with his or her studies.

Studying with the University of Nicosia has so far been successful for me because I have not had any challenge with my study that I have not been able to overcome with the support of either the on-line students’ enrollment advisor, student support desk or the tutors themselves. I have completed the Business Economics course and successfully submitted the assignment through the approved submission link and I have started the HRM&CS course as well. I hope things will continue to be smooth and good.