UNICAF Students Meet and Have Fun in Nairobi, Kenya

UNICAF students in Nairobi, Kenya gathered on September 23rd, at the Black Gold Café in Panari Sky Center, to get to know one another, to exchange experiences and ideas and to network, while enjoying a delicious lunch. After the necessary first introductions the students started an animated discussion about work and career and how studying with UNICAF has influenced their lives. One of the students present, John Onsongo, 45, Project Administrator at the Logistics department of Wrigleys Kenya, currently doing his MBA with the University of Nicosia, through UNICAF, said that “UNICAF offers a world class learning experience, which is the way to go for online degrees “.

Meet Your Student Advisers: Christine Muriithi, Nairobi Call Centre

“My most embarrassing moment as a student adviser was when an applicant insisted I speak with his dad, who would make the payment for the deposit fee, and he warned me that the dad would most probably be in a bar drinking when I would call him, but he would still confirm that he would pay for his son. And sure enough, when I called the dad he was drinking at a bar, already intoxicated, and his response ‘ tell my son to apply next year’, as he didn’t have any money left!”