UNICAF Kenya Staff Run for Charity

UNICAF staff in different cities around the world are always ready to support charity events with all their heart. So they would not have missed the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon, which is a landmark event in the annual calendar in Kenya. The marathon run is the flagship of the bank’s charity project ‘Seeing is Believing’, a fund raising initiative for visually impaired citizens in need, which aims to help fight blindness in Kenya.

UNICAF Students in Zambia Visit a Reptile Park

The visit to the Kalimba Reptile Park, near Lusaka, was an exciting day trip for 45 UNICAF students in Zambia in November. The event, organised by UNICAF, was a huge success, with the students enjoying games of scrabble, volleyball and pool and then taking a guided tour of the park. Conquering their fear of snakes, some students dared to hold a trained python; they also learned interesting facts about Africa’s reptiles, and saw some of the most dangerous species living in the Park. The Park rangers explained to the group what to do if a crocodile attacks, as well as which types of snakes are poisonous and can paralyse or kill humans with their poison. Zambia’s oldest crocodile, 65 year old ‘Mr Chongwe’, was also visited by the students. The rangers explained the medicinal value and uses of the different kinds of indigenous trees growing in the park.

UNICAF Students in Uganda Enjoy a Visit to the National Art Gallery and a Barbecue

UNICAF students in Uganda were invited to an interesting get-together on the grounds of Uganda’s National Art Gallery, which is part of the Uganda National Cultural Centre. The Nommo Gallery features permanent collections and periodic exhibitions of works of art by both Ugandan and foreign artists. Situated in the heart of Kampala City the gallery offers an impressive selection of art masterpieces from paintings, batiks (tie-and-dye), ceramics, art prints, photographs and sculptures.

Unicaf University Rocks!!

The UNICAF spirit is spreading through Africa! Student Advisers and staff in UNICAF offices in different countries celebrate Unicaf University by wearing funky t-shirts, with the slogan ‘Unicaf University Rocks’, on their casual dress day in the office. Here are some photos of UNICAF staff from Nigeria, Egypt, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius and Ghana posing for the camera wearing the t-shirt.