MBA in Health Management by Unicaf University Is Changing the Game on How Nigerian Health Professionals’ Study Abroad

  In 2018, the Nigerian House of Representatives disclosed that Nigerians spend over USD 1 billion (N360billion) yearly on medical treatment abroad, which is due to the poor healthcare sector and management in the country. The green chamber of the parliament further resolved to upgrade the health care sector by providing state-of-the-art medical infrastructure nationwide.…

Why Nigerian IT Professionals Should Consider an MBA in Management Information Systems (MBA MIS)

Nigeria’s tech ecosystem is among the top 3 most talked about in Africa, and among the top 10 attractive markets in Africa for foreign investors. This isn’t a shocking revelation considering the country’s population nearly hitting 200 million, with fast-growing internet penetration. According to Internet World Stats, Nigeria is ranked 7th country with the highest internet penetration globally, and 1st in Africa.

How to Get an MBA Scholarship in Kenya

Most people put off getting quality higher education because of the associated costs and time required to attain an MBA. This doesn’t have to be the case. Prospective students just need to approach the right institution and know the right process to follow in order to ensure that they land the scholarship to pursue their dreams with little worry in regards to MBA fees. An MBA scholarship can provide this solution and UNICAF is a good example of just how easy getting your MBA can be.

How Your MBA Finance Can Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Starting a business in Nigeria has become the dream of many entrepreneurs lately. This can be attributed to the impressive successes that have been recorded around the startup sector. More specifically, the FinTech startups are doing impressively well. In 2018, out of the USD114 million reportedly raised by tech companies in Nigeria, 75% of it went down to FinTechs. This is according to a report from Segun Adeyemi, the CEO of Amplified Payment Systems Ltd.