Why Nigerian Public Affairs Analyst and Consultants Should Consider a Master of Public Administration (MPA)

A Master in Public Administration (MPA) has proven to be a very valuable asset for professionals in the private and public sectors globally. Although the degree may have some speciality, the application of the viable skills acquired during the course-work for the degree may find application in several arms of local and global industries. Professionals in the private and public sectors can readily benefit from this degree as it opens a pathway of great opportunities in career development, enhancement, and growth in business.

Own Your Journey: The Top 5 Sure Steps for Career Success

Own your journey is a phrase used to encourage you to take charge of your career’s destiny. A key trait quality of anyone with the intention of succeeding in their career is a strong desire to own their journey. owning their career journey. It means being responsible for your decisions, achievements, and even mistakes. At the end of the day, your career will only be a summation of your efforts and input. Here are 5 ways to own your journey and make it all count.